Obama Makes Melania Trump Laugh And Twitter Goes Absolutely Crazy

Date April 26, 2018

For several months now, many have been commenting about the uncomfortable relationship that seems to exist between US President Donald Trump and his wife. Some wonder why they do not seem so warm and loving with each other in public.

Yashar Ali / Twitter

These speculations are not helped by the fact that the pair has been photographed in many awkward hand-holding and hugs situations.

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So, when former POTUS Barack Obama, managed to put a big smile on Melania's face recently, the internet reacted in an epic way.

Commonsenseb0t/ Twitter

On Saturday, Barack attended the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush. Also in attendance was the current FLOTUS but she did not attend with her husband, Donald Trump.

LaynieR/ Twitter

The first lady represented the current administration and took a seat next to Barack Obama for the occasion.

CWest/ Twitter

Of course, there were several photos taken but the one where Obama and Melania seemed to be having a nice conversation quickly went viral.

DaleDiamond6/ Twitter

In the picture taken before the service began, the former POTUS and current FLOTUS were pictured talking and she was positively beaming at whatever he had said to her.  

NathanHRubin/ Twitter

People were quick to point out the sweetness of this exchange and many took to Twitter to express their views. Most of them were based on the fact that Melania looked much happier sitting with Obama than she had in ages.

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EdKrassen/ Twitter

And there were those who brought up the fact that she happened to be looking so happy at an event (sad though it was) that she did not attend with her husband.

emjbourne/ Twitter

Twitter went to town on this photo and it's hard not to LOL at some of the jokes they came up with. We have to admit though, it's really nice to see Melania relaxed and smiling for a change.

Eugenegu/ Twitter

We only have one question - what the heck did Barack Obama tell her? 

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