The Glaring Differences Between How Queen Elizabeth Greeted The Trumps Recently And How She Greeted The Obamas Years Ago

Date July 19, 2018 15:06

Last week, Queen Elizabeth met with the American president, Donald Trump, and his wife, Melania. In 2016, Her Majesty met with the Obamas. Over the 66 years since the Queen took the throne, she has met with several world leaders and each encounter is pretty unique. 


A lot of people anticipated the Queen's meeting with the United States president this year. But was there a difference between how the monarch related to the Trumps and how she got on with the Obamas?


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First impression

The Queen met the Trumps for the first time on July 13. The 92-year-old monarch welcomed Trump and his wife with a handshake. 


In 2009, the Obamas were hosted by the palace. Their first meeting with the Queen, however, was indoors and Prince Philip, who has now retired from public duty, was present.

The criticisms

Trump inspected the Honor Guard with the Queen during his visit. The president was quite impressed with that, but many criticised him for breaching protocol by walking in front of the Queen and blocking her view at one point.  


In 2009, Michelle Obama was criticised for not wearing something fancier for her visit with the Queen. The then First Lady caused a stir when she wore a simple sweater and some found it disrespectful.


A surprising hug

While meeting with the Obamas in 2009, the Queen initiated a side hug with Michelle Obama. Her Majesty is not very approving of informal PDAs like this, so her gesture was quite surprising to many.

With the Trumps, however, the Queen kept things very formal. The First Couple kept a respectful distance and the royal did not make a move to change that.


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Meeting other royals

There were speculations that Prince Charles and Prince William purposely avoided meeting with the Queen during the Trumps' visit. The Palace has, however, cleared that up by explaining that the Princes were not scheduled to be there because the visit was a courtesy, not a state visit.


As for the Obamas, they met with other members of the royal family when they attended the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016. Barack and Michelle got to hang out not only with the Queen, but also with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry.


The internet reacts

Following the Trumps' meeting with the Queen, many people took to social media to share their opinions.

Even though the first meeting between the Queen and the Obamas, in 2009, was significantly different when compared to the one from last week, the Queen was certainly polite, warm and kind both times. 

Source: ABC, EliteDaily

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