He Wears Them Everywhere: The Story Behind Prince Harry's Treasured Beaded Bracelets

Date September 5, 2018

We imagine Prince Harry can afford the most luxurious wristwatches and all forms of fancy wrist jewelry. Most of the time, hoever, the Duke has been spotted wearing these African beaded bracelets. What's the story behind them?


His treasured beads

Over the years, Prince Harry has chosen to wear all kinds of bracelets for his public appearances. While he sometimes wears multiple bracelets at a time, there have been some that seem to be a constant companion. 

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It is possible that his love of bracelets could be linked to his late mother. It was some shortly after Princess Diana's death that Harry was pictured wearing a bracelet for the first time.


Many floated the possibility that he purchased this one when Harry, his father and brother took a trip to Africa for some peace and quiet following Diana's death.

In an interview with Town & Country, Prince Harry talked about the Africa trip his family took and how it helped him.

My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags — we were going to Africa to get away from it all.


That was the beginning of Harry's many trips made to the continent. He told the magazine that he felt like himself in Africa, and he found realized complete relaxation and normalcy there.

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The Prince's engagement

If you were in any doubt about how special these beaded bracelets are to the royal, consider the fact that he chose to wear them, in lieu of a wristwatch, when he and Meghan Markle made their first appearance as an engaged couple. 


In fact, the couple would later reveal in their engagement interview that their trip to Botswana was what made them so sure they were meant to be.

This was why Prince Harry said he included a diamond from Botswana in the engagement ring he presented to Meghan. On either side of this diamond, there are two gems from Princess Diana's personal collection.


While the Duke of Sussex has not really come out and explained the significance of these beaded bracelets he loves so much, it is safe to say that he considers them an important part of who he is.

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