20 Celebrity Dads Who Continues To Win People's Hearts Thanks To Their Approach To Fatherhood

Date September 14, 2018 11:06

Having a present father is a wonderful thing for any child. Studies have shown that the presence of fathers or otherwise will affect a child in terms of social behavior, cognitive development, and overall growth.

20 Dads that are winning the internet

1. David Beckham


I think they love him 😘x Truly the best daddy @davidbeckham x missing u @brooklynbeckham x

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The sports star once told MensHealth that spending as much time as possible with his children is a priority for him.

There are never enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do with our kids so as long as we make whatever the time available to us quality time, where we are present, as dads we’re winning.

2. Justin Timberlake

While speaking with Beat’s 1’s Zane Lowe earlier this year, JT revealed that he loved being a dad so much, he would not mind having as many kids as possible.

3. Patton Oswalt


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Oswalt experienced one of his major challenges as a dad when he was thrown into the world of single parenthood after his wife died unexpectedly in her sleep. In an issue of GQ Magazine, he talked about having to care for their daughter, Alice alone. He did manage to do a fantastic job, though.

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4. Bruce Willis 


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The actor is so confident in his skills as a dad that he even once offered an advice to Prince William. He told the royal to spend the first year home with his baby and embrace the infant months.

5. Jimmy Fallon


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For this actor and talk show host, fatherhood has completely changed him. "Nothing else really matters," he said at a press interview.

6. Ryan Reynolds 


The actor just loves sharing hilarious parenting tweets. Check out a few of them below.

7. Will Smith


One particular memorable fatherhood moment for Will Smith was when his then 9-year-old daughter decided to shave her hair out of nowhere. It was then he understood the importance of allowing children to be who they are.

8. Chris Pratt


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In 2013, Pratt revealed that all the stunts he had done in his movies do not compare to what it means to be someone's daddy.

9. Jay- Z


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Even though his marriage faced a few hurdles, the rapper has learned that being a family man is what's most important to him.

10. Adam Levine


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For this singer, fatherhood is 'the greatest thing' in the world.' And just watching how he is with his daughter, it's clear he's winning.

11. DJ Khaled 


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For him, his son Asahd, is his inspiration. He once said in an interview that he now works harder knowing he's doing it all for his boy.

12. Chris Hemsworth


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The actor once revealed to Parade that he's the happiest when he's with his children. How sweet. 

13. Kevin Hart


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The comedian revealed to E! News that he's learned all about the challenges of raising a daughter. But he's loving every minute.

14. John Legend


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Speaking to AP, the singer revealed that being a dad has inspired him to do all he can to make the world a better place for his children.

It puts a little more focus on what the world is going to be. You want it to be safe. You want it to be peaceful. You want people to have opportunity. You want people to have justice.

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15. The Duke of Cambridge


While speaking on Talk Vietnam, Prince William revealed that being a dad has been a change. There are highs and lows, he said, but he credited his wife for her support.

16. Vin Diesel


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This actor considers being a father a real adventure. And we really can't disagree.

17. Dwayne Johnson

There's no shortage of daddy moments on this actor's social media page. Just take a peek at some of them below. 

18. Ben Affleck

"I’ve become an expert on the tweens," Affleck once told Ellen DeGeneres. He also revealed that he's honing his knowledge of Disney films just to be able to keep up with his daughter.

19. Gordon Ramsey


He made headlines recently when he revealed he would not be leaving a will for his children. Regardless, this is one man that's dedicated to teaching his kids the value of hard work.

20. Jason Mamoa


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The actor is the definition of free-spirit parenting. In a documentary, he was seen climbing rocks with one of his children and skateboarding with another. For Mamoa, it's all about fun and laughter.

These dads aren't perfect - no one is. But it's pretty clear that every day, they dedicate themselves to being the best they can.

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