Body Language Experts Examine The Relationship Between Charles & Diana, William & Kate, And Harry & Meghan

Date July 17, 2019 12:01

Each British royal couple has a unique way of showing affection for one another.

Some of the most popular ones, who have made headlines in recent times, include Prince Charles & Princess Diana, Prince William & Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.

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Body language experts have analyzed each of these relationships to try to find out how these couples really felt about each other.

Charles and Diana's wedding video

The Princess of Wales married Prince Charles on July 29th, 1981. Millions of people around the world watched the ceremony, but what exactly did this popular video reveal about their love?

Author and body language expert Judi James broke it all down to UK Express.

In her opinion, the couple was doomed if one is to take their body language into account.

James said it all started during their engagement interview when Charles' infamous "whatever love is" comment suggested a lack of interest on his part.

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She added that the wedding footage:

"Suggests a man going through the motions and a girl overwhelmed by strongly conflicting emotions.”

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Diana arrived in the chapel looking beautiful and with a radiant smile on her face. However, she began looking around the room and spotted something that made her face drop and she even looked close to tears.

She would later reveal that she had spotted Camilla Parker Bowles among the guests, and that put a damper on the day for her.

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Prince Charles was not a gleeful groom, either. According to James, he

"Adopted an air of faint sadness as he waited for his bride, with his brows steepled and his eye-gaze distant and reflective."

It was the expression of someone doing their duty and going through the motions.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement interview

James also examined Will and Kate's relationship with each other in an interview with UK Express.

One of the first signs that they have positive and strong feelings for each other was the fact that they mirrored one another during the interview.

Their engagement announcement took place in 2010, and their body language told the story of a bride who was completely supportive of the groom.

James claimed that, of the two of them, William was the most anxious while Kate showed "underlying strength and confidence.

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The expert noticed an adult-to-child dynamic in the relationship, and Kate seemed to be the one in charge. But this is one of the reasons they work well together.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement interview

In 2018, the couple announced their engagement and millions of people were very happy for them. Author and body language expert Tracy Brown told GoodHouseKeeping that their demeanor was one of mutual love and adoration.

Blanca Cobb, a body language expert who also spoke to the publication, said it was a good sign that their hands were "interlocked the entire time."

"During the interview, Harry's arm and hand rest on Meghan's thigh while his hand is enveloped between both of hers. It's a tender, reassuring gesture between the two."

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One thing was certain: This couple was crazy about each other. There was silent encouragement, excitement, and hope in their overall body language.

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