Like Princess Diana, There's One Royal Protocol That Meghan Markle Is Not Afraid To Break

Date August 17, 2018 16:44

The royal family is known to be pretty traditional. They have a few sets of rules and protocols to ensure that the monarchy portrays a certain ideal to the people. But the new generation of royals is changing the game and fans are absolutely loving it.


To hug or not to hug

Greeting a member of the royal family with a hug isn't banned per se, but this is not something Queen Elizabeth does and for the most part, other royal family members take their cues from her.


According to the monarchy's website, there are no "obligatory codes of behavior when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family."

The traditional way is for the men to do a neck-down bow while the women do a small curtesy when meeting a royal. But handshakes can also be done as well. Nowhere in the explanation was hugging mentioned but these days, some royals, like Meghan Markle are quite generous with this physical form of greeting.

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Just like Diana

Princess Diana was very well known for her open approach to greeting her fans and that includes hugging some of them. 

In fact, one of her most iconic moment took place on April 19, 1987. The Princess of Wales was at the London Middlesex Hospital to open an AIDS treatment unit at the time. It was then she did something really spectacular. She shook the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing gloves.

Her action, though seemingly insignificant, was strong enough to convince many who at the time just did not believe that aids couldn't be transmitted via handshakes.

Meghan Markle, one of the most recent additions to the royal family, may dress traditionally and has even been spotted wearing stockings, but she's not about to stop hugging her fans. 


Grant Harrold,  a royal butler who has served Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Prince Harry told ENews that Meghan's way of greeting is not something the Queen herself would do. 

She's got her own way of doing things... You look at the energy of Princess Diana and she was very much somebody that would hug people. She was famous for it, wasn't she?

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He explained that hugging is one of the things the younger royals now do. Apart from Meghan, Kate, William and Harry have also been spotted giving some of their fans big hugs.



The princes seem to be following their mother's example and from the looks of things, their spouses are happy to do the same.


We think it's pretty cool that the royal fab four are determined to maintain a closeness with their public and showing the world that a little hug can go a long way.

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