Robert Downey Jr. Joins Sting On Stage And Ends Up Giving A Very Memorable Performance

Date September 17, 2018

Robert Downey Jr. completely stole the show when he once came on stage to do a duet with Sting. It's been many years since that epic performance and fans still cannot get over how awesome it was.


The dynamic duo

In 2011, during a concert organized by Sting in celebration of his 60th birthday, the rockstar asked many of his famous friends to join him on stage. Singers Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Billy Joel were fantastic and this was expected since they were experts in the world of music. 

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However, when it was actor Robert Downey Jr.'s turn, people didn't really know what to expect. He was most recognized for his acting talent and before then, not many people thought he could actually sing. But he blew everyone away.

In this video, which has now gone on to garner millions of views, Robert showed off the secret gift we never knew he had. He and Sting performed a memorable duet of 'Driven To Tears'. Robert was a little bit nervous because he felt he might disappoint his musical hero on his birthday. But as soon as he started singing, it was pretty clear he had nothing to worry about.

A special award

Many years after this epic performance, both Robert and Sting shared the stage again. The actor presented the American Music Award of Merit award to the singer in 2016. Sting became the first musician to receive that special honor since 2008 when it was given to Annie Lennox.

Robert was very proud to present this honor to his friend. The actor described Sting as "one of the most talented and giving human beings ever to walk the face of the earth."


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Upon accepting his award, Sting appreciated the special honor, saying:

I'm deeply moved by this extravagant gesture, and it's important for me as a musical migrant to acknowledge the very real debt I already owe to American music because after all, it's American music that lit the musical spark in my mind, this uniquely American experiment by perhaps America's greatest and most influential export - rock and roll.

Words of appreciation for Robert's 2011 performance

Even though it's been years since that duet, people still can't help but applaud the perfect combination of both men's voices. Check out what most of them are saying.

What we wouldn't give to hear a new duet by Robert and Sting. 

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