Tom Hardy Dishes His 'Deeply Private' Friendship With Prince Harry


August 9, 2018 14:52 By Mambee

Prince Harry may be a royal, but he has some friends in the entertainment industry. And Tom Hardy just revealed that he's one of them.

Prince Harry takes his friendships very seriously


One of the most famous people the Duke of Sussex is friends with is musician Elton John. Not only are they close, but they also join forces for the purpose of helping people.


Elton John was a very close friend of Harry's mother, Princess Diana, and it's clear the Duke considers their relationship to be important.


20 years ago today, the world lost an angel. #RIP @ejaf

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Recently, Harry and Elton came together to launch a 'global coalition' which is aimed at treating HIV infection in men.

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Prince Harry and Tom Hardy's Friendship


40-year-old actor Tom Hardy recently revealed to Esquire that he and Prince Harry are close friends. In a recent interview to the magazine, Tom described Harry as a "legend", even though he did not reveal too much.


He did confirm that he and the royal had a "deeply private" friendship.


Hardy was actually at the Duke's wedding to Meghan Markle in May. The Venom actor arrived with his wife, Charlotte Riley.


To prove just how important his friendship with the groom was, Hardy had to travel from New Orleans, where he was filming at the time, to attend the wedding.

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Tom Hardy as a dad and actor

Tom Hardy is a very private person, not just with his friends but with his family as well. He told the magazine that he goes to great lengths to ensure his children's privacy is protected.

If someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off. I will take the camera off you and beat the f******* s**t out of you.


The actor has two kids: 10-year-old Louis with his ex Rachael Speed, and a 2-year-old daughter with his wife, Charlotte Riley. 


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Hardy also spoke about his role in the soon-to-be-released film, Venom. Hardy will play the main character, Eddie Brock, and we had some glimpses of him in the role earlier this month, when a movie trailer was released.

In the Esquire interview, the actor also said that one of the main inspirations for his character was 'Redman.'

The film is scheduled to hit theaters in October.

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