Why Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle May Now Be Wearing Many Of Diana's Iconic Jewelry

Date June 8, 2018 18:22

Meghan Markle sported Princess Diana's dazzling aquamarine ring at the royal wedding, and this got many of us wondering whether we'll be seeing more of the late royal's iconic pieces now that both her sons are married.


Jewelry expert Ella Kay shared her view on the matter. She believes that the fact that Meghan is now an official member of the royal family means she will be rocking some of the beautiful jewelry belonging to her late mother-in-law.

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Diana's dazzling diamonds and stunning sapphires have not been seen in years. But, as Ella explained, Meghan and her new sister-in-law, Kate, will now be showing off some of these beautiful pieces. 

Speaking to GoodHousekeeping, Ella explained that, since her death in 1997, Diana's jewelry collection has been kept hidden and the public rarely got glimpses of them.

We also had no clue who got what, or what actually happened to these once famous pieces. It is believed that some of the items that were borrowed, like Queen Mary's Lover's Knot tiara, went back to Queen Elizabeth. And Kate Middleton loaned it afterward. 

However, a couple of them have featured on both Kate and Meghan's engagement rings, giving us the idea that Prince Harry and Prince William may have some plans as to what will happen to them.

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According to Ella, the Dukes might have kept most of the jewelry until both of them were married, when they would then share them. It madekes sense that they had decided against Kate wearing them until Harry had a woman in his life, too. 


The brothers probably wanted to wait until they were both married before they could divide the jewels, with each spouse having a sizable collection to herself.

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And now that we've seen the duchesses wearing a few of these pieces, it all makes a lot of sense. 


There are a lot more of these priceless gems that we haven't seen, though. And Ella is especially excited to see "a sapphire cluster with diamonds all around it like Kate's engagement ring, but it's the size of an egg."

So, while the public is not privy to the actual whereabouts of Diana's gems, we imagine we will be seeing them out and about in a not so distant future.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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