She's A True Caring Wife! Did You Spot The Moment When Meghan Markle Opened The Car Door For Prince Harry On Their Wedding Day?

Date May 25, 2018 18:46

Since her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19th, fans cannot stop talking about how beautiful, elegant and poise Meghan Markle is. 


One simple gesture by the Duchess of Sussex was all the proof that people needed that she would make a great wife for the Prince.


As they were leaving for their wedding reception, Prince Harry was the perfect gentleman, opening the door to their Jaguar for her to enter and get settled in. It was what Meghan did afterward that had royal fans pleasantly survived.

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The Duchess leaned over to the driver's seat to help Harry open the door on his end as well. Even though it seemed like such a little thing, it was certainly significant.

One of the reason was that in the 1993 film, 'A Bronx Tale,' a gangster named Sonny says that a woman who opens the car door for him after he helps her get in is a sure sign she is a 'keeper.' 


So, it was a basic dating manual for guys. And if we were to judge who Meghan is and how much she loves her man by this gesture, then Harry is a very lucky man.

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The move made such an impression on people that many of them took to Twitter to praise Meghan. 

To most, it was a good sign that not only is Meghan able to hold her own like the feminist that she is, she's also the type of person to help her man when needed.

And we can certainly see why Harry fell in love with her. 

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Source: DailyMail