Snoop Dog Is Ready To Give Home To The Pup Named Snoop, Whose Owner Was Filmed Abandoning Shortly Before Christmas


January 8, 2019 17:00 By Mambee

Famous rapper Snoop Dog earned even more fans with his selfless offer to give a home to an abandoned dog. The pup's cruel ex-owner left him and his bed right at the side of a road before Christmas. The heartbreaking video featured a scared and confused pet that tried to chase the his human's car, but all in vain.

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The BBC reported that the RSPCA, who fight for kindness to animals and preventing animal abuse in England and Wales, are still investigating the case. The adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier was named Snoop, and he is ready to be given for adoption any time soon.

Since Snoop’s story resonated all over the world, many people, including celebrities Sue Perkins and Andrew Neil, expressed a desire to give the pup a new home and lots of love! The rapper Snoop Dog made his offer, too. He said:

There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop.


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Rachel Butler, from RSPCA, wrote on Twitter that the Bull Terrier is “such a loving dog”, sharing a few cute pictures of him!

It’s heartbreaking to know that people are able to get rid of their home pets in such a cruel way. Most of the times, they do not realize what damage they cause to the animals. Abandoned dogs experience emotional stress that reflects on their attitude toward humans, on their appetite, and on behavioral issues, such as increased aggression or apathy. The set of all negative feelings affect the dogs’ overall health.

Being ready to help, even if it’s only sharing the story, can change a pup’s destiny in the most amazing way. Hopefully, Snoop the dog will learn to trust people again and get the best treatment he deserves.

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