Bohemian Rhapsody Star Rami Malek Has An Identical Twin Brother, And The Internet Can't Handle The News

Date January 21, 2019 18:01

The Internet is going crazy over Rami Malek’s identical twin brother! The Bohemian Rapsody star has always been private regarding his family life, but considering his major breakthrough after the huge success of the biographical drama, new tidbits of his life have been revealed.

Unlike his famous twin who acquired a taste for Hollywood life, Sami Malek is a teacher. The two brothers have absolutely different careers, even though they look like exact copies of each other.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Star Rami Malek Has An Identical Twin Brother, And The Internet Can't Handle The NewsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Rami admits that, now, they don’t look as alike as they used to.

Not unlike any set of twins, Rami and Sami made their resemblance work for them. In Jimmy Kimmel Late Night Show, the actor revealed a story about one time he pretended to be Sami.

This is how it started:

So he calls me one day... he goes, 'Hey, do you know a Greek monologue from a Greek tragedy?''

Rami had to do a monologue in front of the audience in one major LA University so that Sami could get additional points. No one noticed the substitution, and his performance was highly appreciated.

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The Hollywood star laughs while he is reminiscing this story. He adds that they did that a lot, and sometimes got into trouble.

Twitter can’t handle the news about Rami Malek’s identical twin!

Looking like two peas in a pod, they also have an older sister, Yasmine. They were born in Los Angeles to Egyptian immigrants and have Greek Egyptian heritage.  While Rami is an award-winning actor with growing popularity, Sami is a humble teacher who stays away from the Hollywood limelight. 

Rami Malek tends to be reserved with journalists and rarely flaunts his bio details. It’s no wonder we haven’t heard of Sami before!

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