Andrea Bocelli Sings "We Will Meet Once Again" With Josh Groban, And This Powerful Duo Steals Our Hearts

Date November 28, 2018 14:52

Andrea Bocelli seems to capture the listeners with every single song from his new album, Si. And if you are a fan of inspirational music, then you may find special pleasure from playing Bocelli on repeat.


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One of them is the breathtaking duet performed by Bocelli and Josh Groban.

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Andrea Bocelli Sings "We Will Meet Once Again" With Josh Groban, And This Powerful Duo Steals Our Heartsgettyimages

Their strong performance of We will meet once again unveils the talent of both singers. The song appears in Bocelli’s album, as well as in Groban's new album, called Bridges. The American singer confessed on his Facebook page:

This song, aptly titled We Will Meet Once Again, is one of my favorites I’ve ever co-written and recorded. It has so much meaning to me. 

Groban recalls that his first meeting with Bocelli was during the high school days.

(I was) asked to be a stand in singer for Andrea Bocelli when he was stuck on a plane for the Grammys rehearsals.

It’s amazing that life brought these talented tenors together again 20 years later!

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That day he was singing The Prayer, with Celine Dion, for the 1998 Grammy Awards. Now, he is a successful vocalist who released four multi-platinum albums and sold more than 25 million records worldwide. He reunites with Andrea Bocelli to render a song with quite a symbolic title. 

Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban take us for a stroll on memory lane, where we are likely to think of a person we hope to meet once again!

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