A Most Adorable Royal Moment: Prince Harry Fixes Meghan's Hair And Rests His Chin Playfully On Her Shoulder During Official Event

Date September 26, 2018

Harry and Meghan were never afraid to show affection to each other in public. On the contrary, the way they treat each other makes them real and down-to-earth, as they show their true selves more often than they stick to formalities and official rules. So when the Duchess of Sussex was presenting her first solo project and launching the charity cookbook Together, Prince Harry was there to support her. He could not resist showing a little PDA as well.


He let his wife shine in the limelight, staying away, and gazing at her with open admiration! He did catch up with Meghan’s mother, Doria, who had arrived from Los Angeles for the big day. The Duke was as cute and funny as ever, and he even stole a few snacks from the table before lunchtime.

Meghan was hosting the event, where she made her first speech as a royal, chatted with guests and handled food with them, demonstrating her excellent cooking skills.


Harry was ready to support his beloved in every step of the way, including fixing her hair! The most adorable moment between those these sweethearts happened while they were preparing for a group picture. Women from the Hubb Community Kitchen were there to celebrate the launching of the book too, and as they gathered for the shot, the wind blew and messed up Meghan’s neat curly flocks.


Prince Harry, who stood behind her, was quick to fix it for her, and then he put his chin on her shoulder playfully, as if he could not wait for a moment to flirt and be closer to his wife.


Long hair don’t care 😊 when hubby has your back

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That sweetest gesture is more evidence of how caring and tender they are around each other! Apparently, no royal outing can stand in their way!

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