Differences in Kate Middleton's And Queen's Parenting

Curious Differences in Kate Middleton's And The Queen's Parenting Styles


July 5, 2019 15:57 By Mambee

Life is always changing. What had been a tradition for centuries in the Royal Family was adjusted to the reality of today. However, it is interesting to have a glimpse of the past to discover how the royals lived a few decades ago.

What first strikes us is the difference in parenting styles. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has become an inspiration for mothers around the world. Not only does she display her deep involvement in her children’s lives, but she also gets real when it comes to motherhood.

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The Queen’s approach to raising kids was quite the opposite. Here are 8 curious differences in Catherine’s and the Queen’s parenting styles.

1. Giving birth: Buckingham Palace VS. Hospital

Queen Elizabeth had all her four children in the Buckingham Palace. Having the best doctors and nurses at her disposal, giving birth was the woman's prerogative, and the father, the Duke of Edinburg, waited to be invited to the Queen’s room. When his first baby, Prince Charles, was born, Duke Philip was reportedly playing squash outside the Palace.

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Kate gave birth to her three children in St. Mary’s Hospital, having Prince William by her side. She followed the example of late Princess Diana, who also chose to deliver her sons in the same establishment.

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2. The first baby

The Queen had her first baby, Prince Charles, at the age of 23, one year after getting married.

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Kate Middleton preferred to wait a little longer to get pregnant. At 31 she had Prince George, two years after her marriage to Prince William.

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3. The third child

Queen Elizabeth had a 10-year gap before she got pregnant with her third child, Prince Andrew, in 1960, and then Prince Edward in 1964.

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The Cambridges decided to extend their family much earlier. Their children were born in 2013, 2015 and 2018.

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4. Public affection

The Queen was not just a mother, her monarch title was much heavier, and maybe it prevented her from showing too much affection to her children. According to historian Robert Lacy, the Queen greeted her son, Prince Charles, and her daughter, Princess Anne, with a handshake after 5 months being overseas. The children were 5 and 3 years old then. She was more affectionate with her youngest sons.

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The Duchess of Cambridge is the opposite. She often holds her children, carrying them and playing with them in public, revealing her tender and loving side. When a tantrum hits, she is there for her babies, trying to comfort them. The Duchess is not afraid of being spotted by the cameras, and she feels that motherhood is an integral part of her.

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5. Dressing up

The Queen picked formal adult outfits for her children. Kate likes to dress her kids in comfortable clothing. She is still following the royal protocol when it comes to the dress code, though. She manages to adjust it to modern times.

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6. Homeschooling VS. Public schools

Late Princess Diana was the first to break with royal protocol and send her sons to public school so that they could get the real-life experience. It was different before – the Queen had all her 4 children homeschooled in the Buckingham Palace.

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Duchess Catherine refused the idea of homeschooling and sent George and Charlotte to public establishments, proudly sharing the photos of their first days in nursery school.

7. Traveling

Going on numerous tours performing her royal duties, the Queen was often away from her kids. They spent their time with nannies and caregiving staff at Buckingham Palace.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton practice traveling at full strength. Catherine loves keeping her kids close and combining her duties with parenting.

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8. Being open about motherhood

Queen Elizabeth has never commented on her job as a mom. In public, she always appears as a monarch, performing her royal duties with devotion and commitment. Her parenting remained behind the scenes and hidden from the commoners.

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Kate Middleton decided to get real and open up about the troubles every mother may experience. During a charity event, she spoke of the mixed feelings, the challenges and struggles any mother faces.

“For many mothers, myself included, this can lead, at times, to a lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance.”

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Being a mother is the hardest, yet the most rewarding and the most important job of all! Regardless of being royal or commoner, our children are an integral part of our lives!

Certainly, there is one thing in common between Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Catherine: They are both ready to take on anything for the sake of their beloved children.

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