Relationship Goals! 101-Year-Old Kirk Douglas And His Wife Spotted Having A Pleasant Strol

Relationship Goals! 101-Year-Old Kirk Douglas And His Wife Spotted Having A Pleasant Stroll Side By Side In Wheelchairs


September 17, 2018 18:15 By Mambee

A rare outing of Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne Buydens, earns nothing but admiration for this couple. The iconic actor has been married to the former actress and a producer since 1954. Now, the couple is still inseparable, and they have been seen strolling in wheelchairs side by side.

It’s a rare chance to be able to enjoy life with a beloved person for as long as possible! Kirk Douglas will turn 102 this December, while Buydens will celebrate 100. The Hollywood stars credit their wonderful marriage for their longevity!


In an Interview to Closer Weekly, he opened up about how lucky he was to have found a soul-mate to share his life with.

I believe our wonderful marriage and our nightly 'golden hour' chats have helped me survive all things.

Many people have asked the actor to reveal his secret for such a long life lived in happiness and health. To that, he answered:

I don’t have any. I do believe, however, that we have a purpose for being here.


It’s inspiring to see that they haven't lost that special bond after 64 years together! When the pair tied the knot, Kirk had two sons already – Michael and Joel.


After a year of marriage, they welcomed their first baby son, Peter, and three years later – Eric. Now, being surrounded by a large and a loving family is probably one of the sources of happiness and longevity for the spouses!

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