X-Factor Judges Robbie Williams And Ayda Field Welcomed A Baby Daughter Thanks To "Incredible" Surrogate Mother


September 10, 2018 18:32 By Mambee

No news can be happier than the one about a new human being born! The X-Factor judge Ayda Fiel Williams announced a new addition to the family on her Instagram page, making the fans wow in admiration and a pleasant surprise.


I spy with my little eye an extra little hand 👀 So we have been keeping a very special secret! We are delighted to share with you that we have had a baby girl….welcome to the world Colette (Coco) Josephine Williams!! 💕💕 It has been a very long and difficult path to get here, which is why we have kept it on the down low. Family comes in all forms, and this little lady, who is biologically ours, was carried by an incredible surrogate mother, to whom we will be eternally grateful. We are over the moon to have this beautiful baby girl in our lives and so blessed that we live in a world which makes this possible. As with Teddy and Charlie, we ask that you respect Coco’s privacy and allow us to grow into our new team of 5! #TeamWilliams

Допис, поширений Ayda Field Williams (@aydafieldwilliams)

Ayda Fiel Williams and her husband, famous pop star Robbie Williams, had not given away any clue about expecting a baby. Now, they are the happy parents of a newborn daughter, who is biologically theirs, but carried to term by “an incredible surrogate mother”, to whom they couple “will be eternally grateful.”


Допис, поширений Robbie Williams (@robbiewilliams)

The reason for opening up about a big secret only now is the hardship they faced while planning another child. Williams revealed it had been “a long and difficult path”, but now they are “over the moon” to hold their new baby girl in their arms. The couple has also revealed the name of the daughter, Colette (Coco) Josephine Williams, and asked for family privacy.

Robbie and Ayda started a family in 2010; two years later they welcomed their first baby girl Theodora. In 2014 they grew into a family of four with the arrival of a son, Charlie.

The new parents have a busy schedule ahead! In addition to caring for the new family member, they signed a £10 million contract to work as judges at the X-Factor panel. For now, by sharing this heart-warming black and white picture, the Williams’ alre also sharing with the world how blessed they are to start a new journey as a family of five.

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