The Best Reunion: Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Get Together To Celebrate Their Daughter's Birthday

Date August 22, 2018

Once the Hollywood couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were examples of an ideal relationship! Unfortunately, after 11 years of marriage, they split up in 1998, leaving the fans heart-broken.


But these two can never be apart from each other completely, as they share something very special: Three daughters. Willis and Moore are the happy parents of Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. The movie stars reunited to celebrate their eldest daughter’s birthday! Rumer Willis celebrated her 30th birthday sharing a very special set of family pictures!

The shots from the happy event radiate joy they shared!


Thanks for making me. 👶🏼

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The one featuring Rumer being kissed by Demi and Bruce from both sides goes with a sweet caption: “Thanks for making me.”



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She has a reason to be proud of her two amazing parents, who stay by her side through success and failures. Despite old misunderstandings, Moore and Willis moved on and now they keep a friendly relationship.



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Demi Moore once revealed how grateful she was for the happy outcome of the divorce with Bruce. “I’m the product of divorced parents, and my brother and I were the pawns in my parents’ game.” The actress could not foresee the future of her own family, but after having experienced separation, she is happy they can build up healthy relationships and keep parenting the three girls.



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These pictures make us feel so warm inside! They all seem just like a normal happy family!

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