Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Ban One Toy For A Very Smart Reason

Date August 21, 2018

Being a kid in the modern royal family means you have access to all possible sources of fun. But this statement does not seem to resonate with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have their own parenting approach.

According to US Magazine, they are eager to provide their children with a relatively normal childhood and not allow wealth or status to spoil them.


With that in mind, adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte have had restrictions put upon them, so they can’t play with anything they want! The US Magazine revealed that iPads and cellphones are considered banned “toys” for the young royals.


William and Catherine, who grew up without any gadgets, believe this rule is one of the ways to keep the kids healthy, curious about the world, active and sociable. They engage their children in outdoor games and activities, which teach them about the world, and improve their imagination and creative thinking.


Recently, the discussions on harm and benefits of early screen time for children have been non-stop. Experts offer different opinions. While some may claim it’s better to ban tablets for children under the age of 12, others believe a limited screen time enhances technological intelligence.


According to CNN, the results of a study presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting reveal that using smartphones, tablets and electronic games from as early as 6 months to the age of 2 causes speech delays.

However, the young heirs to the British throne have their own passions! Princess Charlotte is reportedly her mom’s shadow. She loves her wooden kitchen set toy and her dolls, while George is fond of toy vehicles. He is very close to his dad, and they often go cycliong together.

It’s vital for William and Kate to give their children a childhood outside the Palace walls, and obviously, they are doing a wonderful job!

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