Photos That Show What Princess Diana Was Like Before Becoming Royal

Date July 3, 2019

Princess Diana's childhood ended much earlier than the average woman's. She got engaged at 19 and married at 20. Although everyone remembers the People's Princess as a true fashion icon, she hadn't always been so. Here are some insights into Lady Di's quiet, yet deeply personal life before she joined the Royal Family.

This photo captures 1-year-old Diana on her first birthday back in 1962. The photo was taken at Park House, Sandringham.

Diana as a young lady, just 4 years old. 

This rare image, taken back in 1967, captures 6-year-old Diana playing at Park House with her brother Charles, now Earl Spencer.

Here's Diana as a teen in a warm photo taken in 1974. This picture captures Lady Di with her pony, named 'Scuffle.' Look at her jeans - it's always-trendy 70's denim! 

Right around Diana's years at a Swiss finishing school, she served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of her sister, Lady Jane Spencer. At the time, she was about to meet her soon-to-be husband - Prince Charles - who was dating her other sister, Lady Sarah, at this point.

Lady Diana was a true polo lover! This photo captures her watching a polo match back in 1980.

In the same year, Princess Diana was seen inside her flat in London. At the time, she was already dating Charles.

As the press caught wind of Diana and Charles' relationship by the fall of 1980, Diana inadvertently started drawing more and more attention. That's why we can look at some of her on-the-go photos, like this one. Lady Di walks down the street, holding her bag and coat in her hands.

The story behind this photo is pretty interesting, too. Lady Di had just gently reversed her car into a tree in an attempt to drive away and shield herself from the annoying photographer.

Shortly before her engagement to Prince Charles was announced, Diana was seen calmly and quietly playing with children at the Young England Kindergarten, back in September 1980. 

Diana at the same nursery school in London, where she served as a teacher.

While the royal wedding was set for July, Lady Diana and her future husband, the Prince of Wales, kicked back in Balmoral, Scotland. Just look how natural and down-to-earth Lady Di was - in a casual sweater and rubber boots - but still beautiful!

The week prior to the wedding, Lady Di left her apartment in London and prepared herself for something completely new and unexpectable.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

After the royal wedding, Princess Diana met the crowds in 1981, during her royal tour of Wales.

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Here's a happy, newly-coined Princess of Wales at Aintree racecourse for the Grand National in 1982.

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Lady Diana attends horse racing in a beautiful red and white outfit.

We're back to 1980. Not a princess yet, Diana was already pursued by the press. 

This photo shows Diana at a polo match before she got married in 1981. In audio tapes aired by the U.S. television, she spoke of her lonely existence in her marriage to Prince Charles.

This beautiful picture was taken while journalists were questioning Lady Di as she got into her car.

Lady Diana during her visit to the headquarters of the Gloucestershire Police force in 1981.

So young, inspiring, natural, and beautiful - Lady Diana will always be the Queen of human hearts!

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