Angels Or Monsters? Grumpy Kids Always Steal The Show, Especially When It Comes To Weddings!


May 21, 2018 19:57 By Mambee

While weddings are overwhelmingly happy occasions, there's one type of guest that doesn't always catch the beauty of the romantic nuptials, and that's children! They are always the best at making things unpredictable, messy, and fun.

No matter where you stand on the 'kids - no kids' discussion, we all know for sure that they always provide a sense of comic relief, especially when it comes to weddings.

nombski / Reddit

And even royal occasions aren't an exception. Browse our roundup of the most remarkable photos of pint-sized guests at the royal and at all other weddings!

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Hello, everyone!

Princess Charlotte arrived in the car along with Prince George and the Duchess.


Little Princess couldn't conceal her excitement, giving her perfectly mastered royal wave to the crowds.


As the Princess arrived at the chapel, she couldn't resist pulling a silly face! Just because she's a typical toddler.


On the way to the castle, little Charlotte, along with other bridesmaids, continued waving to the cameras. Canadian Ivy Mulroney also didn't miss an opportunity to practice a royal wave.


It's nap time

After the ceremony, the whole family said farewell to Harry and Meghan on the steps of the chapel. Despite the overwhelmingly emotional moment, Prince George seemed to be pretty moody.


Maybe it's because of Prince Louis who kept him awake last night? George seemed to be pretty unimpressed with his sister, who waved to the adoring crowds and stole all the limelight.


Catching a few zzzs

Though weddings are emotional and beautiful, everyone knows how exhausting they can be. And even always-serious Prince George couldn't resist savoring a few minutes of a nap in the shadow of his dad.


These royal cuties stole some of the spotlight at Meghan and Harry's wedding. Do you remember who stole the show at William and Kate's wedding 7 years ago?


Of course, it was 10-year-old Grace von Cutsem, who seemed to be overwhelmed with the whole party buzz at the moment of Kate and William's balcony kiss. 

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However, not only royal kids can steal the show! We've dug up some incredibly rare photos and videos featuring our adorable little ones. Get ready to be impressed!

After a long working day

It must have been an incredibly long day for this little man. Apparently, he has some toys right in his suitcase but they're no longer a good fit for him. The little guy is all packed up to go.

sruvolo / Reddit

Dramatic entrance

When a little monkey decides that passing the rings to the newly-weds is too boring, he makes a dramatic entrance by 'occasionally' dropping a ring pillow. 

Kyoot / YouTube

This little guy shows another way of passing the rings to the newly-weds, which turns out to be even more creative!

Kyoot / YouTube

This boy changes his mind halfway down the aisle! It's the most hilarious wedding moment ever.

I'm over it

Continuing the topic of kids who are fed up with weddings, take a look at this little mademoiselle. This flower girl is also over it, even though the cork from the champagne bottle hasn't landed yet. As a gift to the soon-to-be honeymooners, she gives an epic facepalm.

rabinaspears / Reddit

Bridal dress = a tent

Sometimes, kiddos can't resist crawling under the poufy dress of a bride, but this little gentleman surpasses everyone's expectations.

Dancing like a pro

While some kids skip all the wedding procedures by silently sitting alone somewhere on the stairs, it's definitely not what this little boy chose to do. He decided to give the boring wedding a miss and inflame the dance-floor with his one-of-a-kind dance.

Making a short run

This flower girl decides to leave her partner far in her wake, as she is off the down-the-aisle races!

dmpeiffer / YouTube

A sweet tooth

For some kids, wedding is just a big tasting session! They are too reluctant to give up on the numerous taste-off opportunities awaiting them here and there.

Kyoot / YouTube

Crawl down the aisle

This little guy had such hope to surprise the newlywed couple with his running abilities that he lost his pants on the way.

Kyoot / YouTube

Moment to remember

This one is probably our favorite! When groom and bride are just seconds from exchanging their marriage vows, a kid steals the show with her crazy short-distance sprint with mom.

Annette Burgess / YouTube

All these little cuties are definitely the best at making moments memorable.

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So, what can we say about all these children? Are they little angels or monsters? Drop us your opinion in the comments.