All The Times Queen Elizabeth Was An Ultimate, Caring And Loving Grandma


June 21, 2018 13:10 By Mambee

Everyone knows Queen Elizabeth to be a strict monarch. However, there's a lot about her that is yet to be explored! Here are some rare pictures of the Queen with the nearest and dearest grandkids by her side!


When the Queen couldn't resist the temptation of tickling Peter Philips - her grandson. Although Queen Elizabeth steals the show, it's probably Princess Anne's face what we like most in this photo. It says: 'Ohh, come on, mom. Cool down, please.'

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When Queen Elizabeth tenderly supported a cute Zara Phillips and prevented her from taking a potential fall! Because they don't ever fall, do they?

When the Queen passed down her favorite hobby to Zara Philips. At the time, Queen Elizabeth couldn't even imagine Zara would be a silver medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics equestrian event.

When she reacted to children's emotional exclaimations in the most reserved and intelligent way!

She never missed a good teaching moment! Look at her passing down the light of wisdom to small boys Prince William and Prince Harry.

When she taught her sweet boys some really good manners!

When she took her grandkids on beautiful, never-to-forget yacht trips. 

When she took little William to church with her, choosing this perfectly matching outfit for a little prince.

When the Queen visited her grandkids at school, checking up on Philips and Zara and their academic successes. It is quite certain that the brother-sister duo had the best show-and-tell moment at the time.

When she made Prince William crack up so hard he had to hide his face from the cameras.

And William made her laugh, as well. We suppose it's far not the first time some of their funniest exchanges were caught by the camera.

When she made Harry listen to her words breathlessly, sharing a priceless advice or an incredible life story.

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It turns out aht the Queen is a master storyteller! Just look at how attentively Harry listens to her words again.

Just look at Harry! He can't get enough of the Queen's stories again, even during a very serious event.

When the Queen insisted on getting a hello kiss from Prince Harry! It's just so sweet.

When she took her grandchildren to the most serious of royal events...

And seemed to never regret it!

When she watched the behavior of cheeky Prince William instead of watching the Trooping of the Colour ceremony.

The mother of four, grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of six children, Queen Elizabeth knows a thing or two about being a perfect, loving and caring grandma!

Source: HouseBeautiful

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