All The Times Princess Diana Recycled Her Outfit And Did It Perfectly

All The Times Princess Diana Recycled Her Outfit And Did It Perfectly


June 13, 2018 18:42 By Mambee

Alhough the Duchess of Cambridge loves wearing some key pieces from her royal wardrobe on a regular basis, Princess Diana had a habit of deconstructing and redesigning her outfits completely. Every time she did it, her refreshed item of clothing suited her renewed style perfectly! Let's take a look at some of the best of Lady Di's recycled looks!

The pale blue gown

This long-sleeved gown first saw the world during Diana's official visit to Lisbon, back in 1987. Afterwards, Princess Diana redesigned the dress, changing the neckline and removing the sleeves.

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Then, she wore the strapless dress with a heart-shaped neckline for a charity ball in 1989.

The set of jewels

Diana loved jewelry, but reinventing it was her real passion! Back in 1986, the People's Princess wore a headband made from Saudi sapphires. Later, Princess Diana wore her favorite gems in a new look - both around her head and neck.

A voluminous skirt

On the first snap, we see Princess Diana during her official visit to Lisbon. The second picture captures her in Cannes, just a few months after visiting Lisbon, in 1987. She wore the same dress but styled it in a different way.

A two-piece floral look

Diana wasn't afraid of any type of fashion experiment, that's why she broke a two-piece set to combine them to other outfits. In the first picture, she's seen in the original two-piece floral look, which she wore during the 1981 Tennis Championshipsat Wimbledon. In the second picture, Princess Diana is wearing only the skirt, and she still looked beautiful!

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Polka dots

It's no secret that Lady Di was a big fan of polka dots. In the first picture, she's at an equestrian event, in 1986, and she is wearing a polka dot two-piece outfit. In the second one, she's got an altered version of the same outfit, sans-peplum, at a polo match just one year down the line.

Red polka dots

Still the topic of polka dots, here's another exclusively stylish look! In the first snap, Diana's seen wearing a Mondi white skirt adorned with always-trendy red polka dots. In the second one, she is wearing the same skirt while receiving flowers from well-wishers in Australia.

The tartan suit

The late princess was in love with this tartan suit, designed by by Caroline Charles. The first time she wore it was at the Braemar Highland Games in Scotland, in 1982. Four years later, she changed the neckline and wore it again.

Princess Diana was a true style icon! And her creativity in ideas for recycling outfits were off the charts! Take a look at the whole series of Diana's best fashion moments below!

Lady Di gave everyone a good example to follow. Will her daughters-in-law be up to her standards? What do you think?

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