A Real-Life Prince Charming! Harry Swoops In To Save Meghan Markle From A Potential Fall


June 19, 2018 15:56 By Mambee

Following their big day, Meghan and Harry have been in full romantic mode, appearing together all over the Commonwealth.


Recently, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry turned up in Lincolnshire to attend the wedding of Harry's cousin - Celia McCorquodale. Sure enough, the sweet couple looked as in love as ever.

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The couple held hands when they took their way into the church before the ceremony, where Harry's cousin, bride-to-be Celia McCorquodale stunned everyone with her headpiece, as she wore the diamond tiara Princess Diana wore to her own her wedding.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were photographed smiling, looking relaxed and happy as they followed along a footpath with the other guests.


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A video of the royal couple arriving for the wedding ceremony has been published online, but pictures of  Meghan had already stunned everyone due to her $7,000 Oscar de la Renta dress. Despite all that, it was Prince Harry's lovingly watchful gesture that has stolen all the show.

When Meghan seemed to take a stumble, Prince Harry quickly turned to her, making sure she was okay.

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Walking hand-in-hand down a hill in the small village of Stoke Rochford, Meghan's high heels appeared to get caught in the grass.


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As soon as it happens, Prince Harry tightens his grip, helping Meghan steady herself before the sweet couple continues their way towards the church. Obviously, in Harry's eyes, the Duchess is the one and only, so one would never think she gett off on the wrong foot. But even if she does, her prince is always there to help her out.


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This itty-bitty, totally human snafu was captured on camera - and the Internet is falling in love with Harry's sweet gesture.

Let's face it, though: even if the Duchess had fully fallen, it would have been the most beautiful and graceful fall among all princesses.


Anyway, we're incredibly glad that Prince Harry was there to give her a helping hand.

Source: Glamour, Mirror

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