Queen Elizabeth II Did Something at Diana's Funeral That the Audience Did Not Notice - She Bowed At Diana's Coffin, Even Though She Didn't Have To


June 25, 2018 15:54 By Mambee

Back in 1997, Princess Diana was honored with a public funeral, seven days after the news of her tragic death shook the world.


Lady Di's funeral was broadcast to approximately 2.5 billion viewers around the world, while 3 million people crowded the streets of London to say their farewells. . They followed Diana's coffin, walking from Kensington Palace to the Spencer family Althrop home, Lady Di's final resting place.

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The People Princess's two sons, Harry and William, joined the procession at St. James's Palace. They were with their father, Prince Charles, their grandfather, Prince Phillip, and their uncle, Earl Spencer.

Diana's coffin, accompanied by eight Welsh Guards, left Buckingham Palace and the members of the British royal family were already waiting outside. 

The Queen was one of the royal family members waiting outside the Buckingham Palace. When Diana's coffin was carried past Queen Elizabeth II, she did something barely noticeable but very important.

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As Diana's coffin passed Queen Elizabeth II, she bowed her head. It was a very rare move, which is remarkable at least for two reasons.

First, while it's customary for all others to curtsy or bow to the Queen, she's not required to bow or curtsy to anyone.

By bowing before Diana's coffin, the Queen made an unexpected and very significant acknowledgment to her late daughter-in-law.


Secondly, there was a huge amount of drama following the Queen's daughter-in-law's death. While the Queen insisted that Lady Di's ceremony should be private, Prince Charles and then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted on the opposite.

 As a result, Princess Diana was laid out at St. James's Palace, and the public funeral took place at Westminster Abbey.

Although the Queen was highly criticized in the wake of Lady Di's death, her small yet significant bowing at Diana's coffin sent a message of respect, compassion, and genuine grief.


Princess Diana was so simple and kind. Her down-to-earth way of behaving had set herself apart from the rest of the monarchy with her unique ability to relate to ordinary, simple people. 

When news of Diana's death broke, a huge wave of grief swept through the nation and the entire royal family. Queen Elizabeth II was not an exception. 

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