"Please, Gallop With Us!" Little Girl's Adorable Request Makes Prince William Break Royal Protocol

Date August 13, 2018

When it comes to humouring little kids, no one does it better than Prince William and Prince Harry. The brothers are unafraid to have silly moments on camera and that's just one of the reasons we love them.


Their mother's influence

Even though Princess Diana was a classy royal, she also made time to play silly with her boys. So it makes sense that, while growing up, William and Harry sometimes choose to see the humorous side of things.

In an interview to NBC Dateline, Prince Harry and Prince William talked about how much they liked to live as normal a life as possible. Harry said: "within our private lives and within certain other parts of our life we want to be as normal as possible." He then revealed that the one thing most people don't know about his brother is that "he enjoys himself more than people think."

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So, it makes a lot of sense that Prince William would seize the moment when a little girl offered the opportunity.

Galloping away

The Duke of Cambridge went viral in the silliest way at the 2017 Royal Variety Performance. A girl on stage asked the royal, who was seated next to his wife, to gallop around like a horse.

The crowd fell into fits of laughter, possibly wondering if Prince William would do this. And he did.

The Duke got up from his seat and for a brief moment, he galloped around to the little girl's delight and everyone else's amusement. Even the Duchess could not help but laugh along with everyone and applauded her husband's bravery.

British royals are required to behave a certain way in public. They are expected to be classy and elegant. What Prince William did was far from that, but we absolutely loved it. 

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Prince Harry's silly moment

Of the two brothers, Prince Harry has banked more silly moments in public. In this video below, which went viral as well,  the Duke of Sussex was watching the Invictus Games when a little girl started swiping his popcorn.

For a while, he pretended not to notice. Then he began making funny faces at the girl and playing with her. 

Clearly, William and Harry just cannot resist putting a smile on kids' faces.

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