Beautiful Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up How Life Of The Royal Family Has Changed With The Arrival Of Their Third Baby Son


April 24, 2018 15:51 By Mambee

Congratulations to parents for the third time! Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the baby boy, whose arrival made millions of fans around the world happy!

The baby came into this world on the April 23, and this day made history for the royal family! No doubts, a new baby brings a lot of changes. Even though the Duke and the Duchess are experienced parents already, nurturing 2 kids, the arrival of the newborn spices their life up in the most wonderful way.

These illustrations, made by talented Alena Drozd from Belarus will let us plunge into these fantasies.


1. Will it be easy to have a picnic in such peaceful atmosphere? While the baby is taking a nap in her baby-carriage, it is possible. As soon as she wakes up craving for cuddles and milk, the Duchess will rush to feed the little one. It is well known, that all women in royal family breastfeed their children on their own, and Catherine is not an exception. But it is very unlikely she will prefer feeding in public as most women do nowadays.


2. A lot of royal duties of both parents now will have to be postponed as they want to enjoy the time with a newcomer, especially when time flies so fast and babies change and grow every day. When they become older, we tend to forget how tiny and innocent they were the first few months. Hopefully, other members of the royal family can take their duties over.


3. Having a walk all together is the best idea for time spending. Both Duke and Duchess want the children to build a close bond, and maybe help mother with caring for the little one. Now the couple has a new ruler in the family – the baby, and their schedule will be organized just around his needs.


4. The Queen is not just the monarch, but a loving great-grandmother. She may find a free gap in her daily routine and take a walk with the baby in the park. She has 4 children of her own, but back then when they were small, she used to leave them with nannies considering the number of duties and trips she had to perform. Probably, she would love nurturing her newborn great-grandson. It’s a well-known fact, that babysitting prolongs life and makes the elderly feel younger.


5. Taking a family photo? Easy, when you keep an eye on the baby, but what about those two? Adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte may feel left aside a little, as the most of attention is now paid to a newborn baby. So probably, they would play together more, finding new fun games, or new naughty games to play when no one can see.


The bigger the family is – the better. The Duke and the Duchess have been the excellent example of devoted parents to Prince George and Princess Charlotte; they stick to the modern approach to upbringing and always prioritize the family time. No doubt, the new baby son has made the royal family happier and more complete!

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