How Meghan Markle Manages To Stay So Slender And Fresh-Faced? The Duchess of Sussex Revealed Her Diet And Workout Routine


May 24, 2018 10:46 By Mambee

Although the royal wedding is in our rear-view mirror, all eyes still continue to focus on Meghan Markle, the former 'Suits' star and new Duchess of Sussex, who made history by marrying Britain's most eligible bachelor - Prince Harry.

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Sweating for a royal wedding is a completely new level of hard work, especially when 2 billion people around the world are going to keep a watchful eye on it.

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Luckily, for Meghan, there was no pressure, as she has had her workout routine and healthy eating habits locked-down for years.


As the daughter of Doria Ragland, a yoga instructor, Meghan loves to cook healthy food and sticks to a predominantly plant-based diet. Though she allows herself some occasional indulgences, she exercises a lot, crediting running, yoga, and pilates for keeping her fit.


Here, we've dug up everything you need to know about Meghan's diet and her ways to get the body she has now.

Plant-based diet

Though Meghan sticks to a healthy plant-based diet, she occasionally indulges in ice cream. Meghan's secret is to have a diet full of energy-granting plant-based foods that are low in calories but high in carbs. Meghan tends to eat plant-based food all the working week, and then she allows herself a bit flexibility on the weekends. Because life would be boring without a treat here and there.

Green juice is her pick-me-up

Instead of coffee, the Duchess of Sussex drinks green juice to amp herself up. Green juice isn't just a nice way to hydrate - it also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Meghan's usual go-to-combo consists of lemon, ginger, apple, spinach, and kale.  


She never skimps on antioxidants

The secret to Meghan's well-fed flawless skin is avoiding gluten and love of acai. She falls for acai berries because they're a very rich source of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. However, if your budget is less-then-royal, you can include strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in your diet - they would be great substitutes!

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She runs

Meghan is also a big fan of running, as she considers it a sort of moving meditation. She says running helps her body as much as it helps her mind.


She trains with friends

Meghan is eager to exercise with friends  who are as passionate about working out as she is. In an interview to Women's Health, she opened up about her hopes of training with her friend Millie Macintosh and Russell [Bateman] when she's back in London.

She munches on smart snacks

The newly-crowned royal fills her fridge up with healthy to-go snacks that can be easily found at any grocery store. In particular, Meghan enjoys carrots and hummus. However, she really loves to cook, making her favorite chia seed pudding almost every week.


She practices yoga

Growing up with a mom who is a yoga instructor, you have no choice but to practice it since a very young age, and stick to regular yoga workouts as you grow up. Meghan says that yoga is in her blood, but the particular type she enjoys is an intense vinyasa class, which is practised by candlelight in a dark room with some quiet hip-hop music.

As you can see, Meghan always looks stunning thanks to her ongoing relationship with fitness, healthy habits, and mindfulness. Healthy eating habits and moderate physical activity actually pay off.

Source: HarpersBazaar, EverydayHealth

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