20 Beautiful Photos Of Princess Diana Surrounded By Nearest & Dearest Ones At Family Home


June 18, 2018 11:11 By Mambee

We've dug up the rarest photos of Princess Diana, showing her as a loving mother in the most heartwarming place ever - at her family home. Scroll down and enjoy!

The People's Princess spends time with her beloved sons - William and Harry - on the grounds of Highgrove royal residence in Tetbury in 1986.

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Lady Di works from home, sitting in the dining room of Kensington Palace in 1986.

Prince Harry and Prince William are sitting with their mom at the piano at their home. The picture was taken in Kensington Palace back in 1985.

Diana and Charles kick back, playing with baby William in 1982.

In the royal family's house in Highgrove, Prince Harry and Prince William enjoy relax time with their parents.

Lady Di leads a small pony with little William on top at Highgrove.

Princess Diana sits at her desk in Kensington Palace sitting room back in 1985. 

Prince Charles and Princess Diana pose with their little sons in the wildflower meadow. The photo was taken in 1986 at Highgrove.

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The Princess and Prince of Wales hold baby William at Kensington Palace. It's so sweet!

Princess Diana and Prince Charles attend to their son outside of Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana works with her Lady-In-Waiting and private secretary in the sitting room at Kensington Palace. 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles stand together for a photo in their house at Kensington Palace.

Lady Di plays with Prince Harry and Prince William, dressed in miniature versions of Parachute Regiment uniforms.

Princess Diana helps William with a jigsaw puzzle in the playroom of Kensington Palace in 1985.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana pose for a picture in Kensington Palace.

Lady Di and her husband watch how baby William explores the gardens at Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana poses for a photo with William at Kensington Palace in 1983.

The People's Princess might have a busy workload and a fully packed schedule of meet-and-greets, but she still was a passionate mother, spending plenty of time with her beloved family.

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