Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, And Meghan Markle Are The Bikini Icons We All Need


June 14, 2018 19:32 By Mambee

Before her death, Princess Diana was frequently plagued by the scandal that rocked her marriage and led to a dramatic divorce while the entire world was watching.


Though we remember the sadness on Princess Diana's face due to the years of unhappy marriage to Prince Charles, there were also moments of happiness. 

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We have put together some throwback images that show the People's Princess smiling and enjoying her life, a far cry from what the formal royal protocol expected her to do.

Posing in a bikini, Diana's shots were taken on a number of weekends and holidays spent in locations such as the Carribean or the South of France.

The mother-of-two with sun-kissed hair was a fan of bright, multicolored swimsuits, fashionable at the time.

Princess Diana was reportedly a big fan of St Kitts and Nevis in the Carribean, so she stayed there with her two boys when they were young.

It's no secret that Princess Diana wasn't a big fan of royal protocols. Wearing the items that are traditional for royals annoyed her, and that was for a good reason.

Among all conventional clothing types, Princess Diana had a particular dislike of eschewed gloves.

Queen Elizabeth II is rarely seen without her gloves, as they are a symbol of her status. Princess Diana, however, never liked wearing them for a very heart-warming reason.

Diana abandoned the royal tradition of wearing gloves because she liked the contact with people and never backed down from handshakes, from feeling people's warmth.

Alhough not adhering to certian essential rules can bring negative criticism about, that was definitely not the case when it came to the People's Princess. Diana always had her own protocols to follow, and that's what we all like most about her.


You'll likely never see the Duchess of Cambridge in a bikini or in cropped shirts, though! That's the way it is - she's the mom of three beautiful kids and no one can blame her.

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However, some photos from her private vacation with Prince William were published, and the world fell in love with Kate's tanned bikini body.

Sure enough, these shots are quite old. But it's impossible to see Catherine in snaps of this kind now.


However, Kate's pictures are wonderful, and we can do nothing but enjoy them!

Since being engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan has deleted all her social media accounts. However, it seems there are still some candid photos of her on the Internet.

jessicamulroney / Instagram

Back in 2016, the newly-coined Duchess of Sussex enjoyed a small girls' party with her close friend, Canadian Jessica Mulroney.

jessicamulroney / Instagram

In those photos, you can see Meghan's beautiful, tanned sporty body.

jessicamulroney / Instagram

Sadly, we don't know whether it's yoga or healthy eating contributed to such amazing results, but there's one thing we agree on: She looks breathtakingly amazing!

jessicamulroney / Instagram

We would definitely like to see some more photos of Meghan in a swimsuit, even after the royal wedding.

jessicamulroney / Instagram

There's no doubt royals gave as all a good example, and we have no choice but to follow it!

Source: Express, JournalPost, PopSugar

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