Sweet Daddy Moments! 8 Times Dwayne Johnson Proved That He Is Possibly The Best Father Ever

Date May 10, 2019 17:15

Some celebrities impress with their talent, fashion and wealth. But there are also some famous people that inspire us with their parenting skills. And, from the look of things, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is right at the top of that list.

Sweet Daddy Moments! 8 Times Dwayne Johnson Proved That He Is Possibly The Best Father EverGetty Images / Ideal Image

His attitude to fatherhood

Dwayne is one of those stars who take parenting seriously. The father-of-three once said that he loved being involved in virtually all aspects of being a dad, including changing diapers and spending as much time as possible with his kids.

8 signs he's nailing it as a parent

1. He's a fan of skin-to-skin;

One special way many moms connect with their newborn is to hold them against their skin. But Dwayne let the world know that the practice isn't exclusive to mothers. In 2015, he shared this precious picture of himself holding his baby daughter, Jasmine. Just behold the cuteness:


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2. He embraces the less-than-perfect times:

Parenthood isn't always rainbows and roses, and the actor has proved he didn't mind the unglamorous times. He once shared that he got pooped on while trying to teach his daughter the value of hard work.


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3. He knows how to make his baby smile

While speaking with Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne revealed that his daughter Jasmine started bawling like crazy when they took her to see Santa. His solution? He dressed up like Pokémon's Pikachu, and that made the little one smile.

4. He appreciates women

As a father of three girls, Dwayne Johnson has an important job of helping them grow up to be strong, confident women. So when, in honor of International Women's Day, he shared a post about how lucky he is to be surrounded by wonderful women, fans knew his daughters have the best dad. "My love and respect for them are boundless," he said.


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5. He's a multitasking pro

Doing so many things at once is a great skill for parents to have. And Dwayne showed he had it when he posted a video of himself feeding his 2-month-old daughter and his dog at the same time.


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6. He's as goofy as they come

Dwayne knows how to have fun, even with his eldest daughter, Simone. He's the epitome of the goofy dad that embarrasses his kids in the totally loving ways that children often appreciate.


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7. He embraces bath-time

For The Rock, bathtime is a special moment in his home. In 2016, he told People that:

It's my job, and I love filling up the baby tub and I get [Jasmine's] toys, making everything right.

8. The Number 1 man for the job

Dwayne is always prepared, even when it comes to diaper changes at the oddest places.


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How you too can be a great father

Dwayne Johnson is kicking butt at fatherhood and you can do the same. Being a good role model, spending time with your child, and starting to get involved in their lives as early as possible are some of the best ways to improve that father-child bonding.

Sweet Daddy Moments! 8 Times Dwayne Johnson Proved That He Is Possibly The Best Father Everfather playing with daughterEvgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock.com

The best parents are the ones that are always there for their child. When you show them love, care, and respect, they can only thrive in such a warm environment.

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