“Let Her Be A Kid For Once!” Fans Bash Kim Kardashian For Dressing 5-Year-Old North In Snake Skin Fabric

Date May 22, 2019

When it comes to dressing her children, reality star Kim Kardashian spares no expense. Due to her status as a fashion goddess, it is only normal that she passes it on to her kids, especially her first daughter, North.


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Over time, we have seen Kim dress her 5-year-old daughter as though the girl were an adult. Sometimes, she went as far as allowing the girl to sport make-up. However, the mother-of-four has come under fire again, and this time it’s for the choice of fabric.

On November 21, 2018, Kim shared a photo of herself and North walking on the streets. The young girl was clad in a snakeskin ensemble as she clutched onto a teddy bear.


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The proud mother captioned the photo:

“Snake Skin Drip on my little Northie.”


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Many fans didn’t seem impressed by the ‘drip’ and they slammed Kim for endangering snake lives for the sake of fashion. Some of the comments read:

“Animals lives are at risk just for you to put their SKIN on your daughter.”


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“Would you let such animal nest on your daughter? Why wear animal skin?”

“How can u put that torturous bad energy on ur child?”

Another fan was unbothered about the snakeskin, but more about how Kim was bombarding little North to be fashion inclined.

“Kim makes me sick. Why are you putting fur or even snakeskin on a kid let her be a kid for once it’s not always about fashion.”


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This isn’t the first time little North was seen wearing snakeskin. During one of her father’s church service in March 2019, the mother-daughter duo wore matching snakeskin ensembles.


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It seems Kim doesn’t mind what the people say and wants her daughter to look good all the time. Well, Kim K is her mother, after all!

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