David Beckham Gets Slammed On Social Media For Kissing His Daughter On The Lips But Other Dads Show Him Incredible Support

Date November 30, 2018

David Beckham got some heat lately after he shared what was supposed to be an adorable picture of himself and his daughter, Harper.


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The father and daughter were having a traditional winter fun on the rink and the dad decided to post a picture of himself giving his daughter a peck on the lips. At the time, he probably never imagined that the photo would cause such a controversy.


Christmas is coming 🎅🏼 Let’s go skate ♥️

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Some people seemed to be quite upset by that show of affection. They said it was odd for Beckham to kiss his daughter on the lips. In fact, British TV host Piers Morgan reportedly jumped on board and called the whole thing "strange."

Fathers everywhere are showing support

Many people have responded to Morgan and others who are against Beckham kissing his daughter. Celebrity parents shared pictures of themselves kissing their children on the lips as a show of support for the football star. 

Vogue writer Jamie Day shared the Instagram snap below. In the caption, he expressed how concerned he was that such an innocent moment was "twisted." 

Singer Frankie Bridge also shared a similar picture of herself and her daughter sharing a kiss. 

Other dads have also taken to social media to support David Beckham by posting pictures of themselves sharing adorable kisses with their children.

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It's safe to say that even though there will always be negativity, these amazing people have shown that sometimes, parent-child affection is just that, and no mother or father should be made to feel weird for kissing their child. 

Where do you stand on this argument? Is it really weird for a parent to kiss their kid on the lips?

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