Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter Penelope Is Branded A Racist After Her Dad Shared A Photo Of Her On Instagram

Date January 9, 2019

One of the downsides of being famous is that almost everything you do is scrutinized. Unfortunately, these days, celebrities' children are not spared, either. Many have come under attack from the internet and Kourtney Kardashian's daughter was a recent victim.


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Last week, 6-year-old Penelope and her dad, Scott Disick, spent some time together dining at an Asian restaurant. Disick posted a picture of the two of them having dinner on his Instagram page, along with the caption "Best first date of 2019!”

It seemed like any father/daughter picture at first glance. However, some fans became upset at the way Penelope was pulling at her eyelids in the photo. Many felt it was a pretty racist gesture especially, considering that they were at an Asian restaurant. 


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One Instagram user, @mamharley14,  commented on the post saying: 

Very inappropriate. Done anywhere else no big deal. Teach her sensitivity.

Another commenter agreed, writing:

Tell her to stop being racist.

@_.adrian100 wants Scott to set a better example for his daughter. In the comment section of the post, the user said:

She's in an Asian restaurant, making a stereotypical Asian racist gesture, of course this is racist, teach your child better.


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The good news is that many people came to Penelope's defense and expressed their opinions that the little girl was simply being a child and not purposely trying to offend anyone. 

@prettygirl_sunshine01 stated that her gesture had no significance whatsoever:

How is that racist she is pulling her eyes up not slanting them come on world get a life.


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@monks007 agreed, adding that the Penelope was simply doing something all kids do.

Omg what is wrong with people today like a child can’t be a child kids do silly faces all the time and it’s innocent why make it into something ...like that little child know anything about the madness that goes on in people heads.

It sure seems like Scott's daughter was not purposely trying to offend anyone and accusing the little girl of racism may be taking things a little too far. As for Scott, he didn't seem really bothered about the backlash. He even shared a picture a little bit later of himself and his daughter enjoying some quiet time together. 


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Clearly, the dad was more focused on enjoying quality time with his daughter rather than on what the internet had to say about it.

Let's hope people learn to be kinder to each other, especially when it comes to little children. 

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