"How Many Soulmates Are You Gonna Have?" Chris Pratt Faces Criticism For Expressing His Joy On Being A Newlywed

Date June 11, 2019 12:55

As Chris Pratt basked in the glow of being a newlywed, it seemed fans were a bit concerned about his timing and even the choice of words he used to express his happiness.


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The actor tied the knot with Katherine Schwarzenegger in what he described as an "intimate and emotional" wedding ceremony. And while many people congratulated the happy couple, some had a few issues with the whole thing.

Pratt, who was previously married to actress Anna Faris for nine years, finalized his divorce in November 2018. So when he shared a post on June 9th about just how happy he was with his new bride, some of his fans were concerned that this was much too soon considering how it wasn't so long ago that his marriage ended.

"How Many Soulmates Are You Gonna Have?" Chris Pratt Faces Criticism For Expressing His Joy On Being A NewlywedGetty Images / Ideal Image

One commenter @_themike69_ said:

Yo weren't you just married to Anna Faris like 5 seconds ago?

@theworldofrsb shared a similar sentiment, commenting;

How many soulmates are you gonna have?


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This wasn't the only thing some people had problems with. While expressing his joy on being a newlywed, Chris described his wedding as "the best day of our lives!" Instagram users felt these words were inappropriate since he had been married before and even has a child with Faris.


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To some, his description made it seem like what he had with his previous family fell short when compared to what he has with Katherine. @shvwnvthedevd, for instance, said:

This upsets me a little. To say this is the best day of your life when you've been married before and had children. What about those days? It just kind of implies that those things weren't just as important.

It wasn't all negativity on Pratt's post, though, as many people, including celebs like Rob Lowe, Priyanka Chopra, and Zoe Saldana, congratulated the newlyweds and wished them nothing but the best.


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One can understand why people felt upset about Pratt's wedding and the words he used to describe it, but at the end of the day, his true fans should want him to be happy. And even though many people were big supporters of his and Faris' marriage, it doesn't mean they have to rain on the actor's happy wedding parade this time around.

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