Kim Kardashian Accused Of Playing Favorites After Posting Family Photos That Didn’t Include The Kids She Had Via Surrogacy

Date June 19, 2019

These days, trolling celebrities have become a hobby for many internet users. You might wonder why people find it easy to be so mean on the internet. There are several theories to explain this phenomenon. One of them is based on the fact that these mean people can type whatever they want without worrying about repercussions because they are hidden behind their keyboards.


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Sadly, celebrities receive the main brunt of this as there is hardly any post they share that don’t draw criticism.

Kim K vs the internet

Reality star Kim Kardashian was yet again at the receiving end of this type of negativity when she shared a few pictures in honor of Father’s Day.

In the post, which she dedicated to husband Kanye, Kim appreciated the rapper for being “the best daddy” to their kids. But people noticed that in the three family photos she shared, only North and Saint were featured even though the couple are also parents to Chicago and Psalm.


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Since North and Saint were the two kids that Kim birthed herself while Chicago and Psalm came via surrogacy, people began posting theories about how Kim was playing favorites. They implied that she loved the babies she had herself more than the ones the surrogates had for them.

@istayhigh91 commented:

So you just gonna leave out the surrogate babies.


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Another Instagram, user @catherinemoynihan83, had the same opinion;

The surrogates didn’t make the pic?

And @tom_lavenberg wanted to know;

What like Chicago and Psalm aren’t your kids?


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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star didn’t respond to these speculations, though.

William’s saga

It turned out that Kim wasn’t the only one being accused of favoritism over a Father’s Day post.

When the Kensington Palace shared some pictures in celebration of the same holiday, Prince William was also slammed for only showing Prince Louis when he has two other kids.


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It’s possible that people were simply blowing things out of proportion. Judging how much a parent loves a child based on a few photos does seem far-fetched and unfair.

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