Susan Boyle Leaves Everyone Speechless With Her Incredible Performance On 'AGT: The Champions' Finals

Date February 11, 2019

Susan Boyle literally mesmerized the judges and the audience with her final performance on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Does it sound like a victory?


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Susan Boyle hit the stage of 'AGT' again

No doubt, Susan Boyle is one of the most successful and recognized participants in the history of America’s Got Talent. Susan first appeared in season 3 of Britain’s Got Talent and got the second place there. Then, she decided to try her luck in AGT’s season 4.

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Finally, in 2019, Boyle made a huge comeback to the AGT stage to participate in The Champions season of the famous show.


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For the finals performance, Susan chose a song which has a very special meaning for her. Boyle sang a song titled I Dreamed a Dream, which is also the name of her debut album released in 2009.

I Dreamed a Dream

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Susan Boyle has all the chances to get a victory on AGT this year. The Scottish singer commented on her participation in an interview with People:

Who doesn’t love a competition? I’ve got a competitive spirit, it drives me, and I thought, well, I didn’t win last time so let’s give it a shot.


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We wish Susan Boyle good luck and victory on AGT: The Champions. She truly deserves it. Do you agree?

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