"Something Is Going On With Her!" Celine Dion Joins Carpool Karaoke, And Her Extravagant Makeup Is Criticized By Fans

Date August 8, 2019

Celine Dion has always been a fashion icon. Millions of women all over the world watch what she wears and how she uses makeup. The musical artist never fails to put a whole lot of her essence in every outfit she has on.

However, sometimes her fans have questions on her unusual style.

Celine Dion on Carpool Karaoke

When Celine Dion appeared on Carpool Karaoke with James Gorden, she did it in the most Celine Dion way possible: with her magic voice and extravagant outfit. The pop diva decided to doll up in a metallic suit with a high neck pussy-bow blouse. She looked stunning!

Moreover, this unexpected outfit was straight off the Marc Jacobs' Fall 2019 runway collection and it has not been released into stores.

The singer mixed her outfit with surprising makeup. She decided to be bald with her eyeshadow, using a blue color on her eyelids.

The saying 'less is more' is not for Celine, do you agree? The artist had her hair dyed blonde, which made her appearance even more impressive.

Although her makeup wasn't messy or heavy, the contour gave her face more depth

Celine Dion did her best to make the program an exciting one and it was just amazing!

However, fans notice her unusual makeup. Comments on Twitter concerning the star's look wasn't great.

Her paleness also was a reason to worry:

No matter what, Celine always looks incredible. Once again the pop artist proved that she's the queen of suit dressing! Despite the odd makeup, she is one of the most stylish women in the world. Do you agree?

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