Kim Kardashian Was Criticized For Letting Her Young Daughter North West Wear Makeup

Date August 8, 2019

Parenting is definitely the most difficult job in the whole world! Every family and every parent have their own rules to follow. Some parents let their kids almost everything, others are strict. Generally, adults use their knowledge or personal principles and values, when it comes to parenting. However, sometimes their choices may often cause controversies.

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Kim Kardashian let her daughter wear makeup

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who allows her five-year-old daughter to wear makeup, was already mom-shamed several times.

Her young daughter, North, has been caught on camera rocking bright colored lipsticks several times, and many people are not too happy about it.

North was captured wearing a bright red lipstick for a Christmas shoot with her family. Also, on the cover of one of WWD's Beauty Inc. issue, North wore a hot pink neon eyeliner.

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She has also been seen wearing makeup in numerous pictures that Kim posted on social media platforms. However, the latest speculation has caused more outrage than the usual.

Church controversy

Once Kim posted a video of little North dancing during Sunday service.

North was all in black, down to her lipstick, which created a ‘goth-like’ appearance. Also, a few people presumed that North was wearing a foundation. In the video, North looked all glammed up as she danced away to her father’s melodious tune.

While the footage seemed adorable to many fans, some Twitter users were of the perception that Kim is speeding up North's growth, and not letting the little girl enjoy her childhood.

They blamed Kim for encouraging her to use cosmetics.

Some suggested that North looks more like a teenager than a kid.

A user, @nikko_jordan, was concerned about the look, nevertheless, but concluded that North looks happy in the video.

The dangers of cosmetics to kids

It is important to remember that cosmetics can be dangerous for health as it can cause allergic reactions.

Allergy is a condition that should be considered seriously and, unfortunately, there are some components in cosmetics that kids will react negatively to.

Children react differently to each makeup kit, so it's safer to be fully aware of its content before application.

Women of all ages are interested in cosmetics and makeup but is the right age to start wearing makeup? What do you think? And no matter what all girls are beautiful just the way they are - without makeup.

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