Mom In Labor Dances Through The Pain Along With Hospital Nurses

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August 14, 2018 13:09 By Mambee

While a lot of women would find the idea of relaxing and breathing during labor appealing, there are those that would rather dance through the process. 

Dancing can actually ease labor pains

You may have heard or seen stories about laboring moms who decide to burst a move while waiting for the baby to arrive. Some say this helps them manage the pain. While this may sound insane, a 2014 study published in the Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) has proven that it does work.

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The research concluded that 'Dance labor' can actually help reduce the intensity of the pain and increase the woman's overall satisfaction with the childbirth experience during the active phase of labor.

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A dancing mom

A Palmetto mom seems to know all about dancing away the pain during labor. Alicia Exantuz shared a video of herself dancing with her husband and some of the hospital staff while she was in labor. 

The 30-second clip was posted to her Facebook page, where she explained that this was just the beginning of her 30-hour labor ordeal. She and her husband began dancing and were soon joined by the nurses at the hospital.

The video has gone viral quickly and now stands at over 112,000 views with more than 1500 likes. People are absolutely loving this happy and energetic mother. 

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Many commented on how great it was that she was able to groove, and expressed their congratulations on the birth of their baby. 

Another dancing mom we love

A few years ago, a another laboring mom made the news after she decided to rock her body to good music while her baby was about to arrive.

According to CBSN, who interviewed the mom at the time, she was dancing to distract herself from the pain. And, by just looking at her, it seemed to have worked.

We can totally see why moms are giving this a try. Labor has been known to be scary sometimes and these ladies are making it fun. 

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