President Trump's Grandson, Luke, Has An Adorable Look On His Face When The Family Dog Steals His Treats

Date August 6, 2018

A relationship between a boy and his dog is a super special one. And this is no different even when it comes to the First Family. 


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Welcome to the family, Luke

In September 2017, President Donald Trump shared a sweet announcement after the birth of his grandchild. He posted a tweet congratulating his son Eric and wife Lara after Eric Luke Trump was born. 

This was the first grandchild born during Trump's presidency so it was a special time indeed. 

This was Eric and Lara's first child together. But it was President Trump's ninth grandchild. 

Luke and Charlie

Since they welcomed their son, both Eric and Luke have shared a lot of lovable moments of the little one on their respective social media accounts. 

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One that was shared recently certainly made it to our top favorites moments of the little kiddo. A few days ago, Eric Trump posted a short video clip on his Twitter page where we see Luke sitting in his high chair while the family dog Charly tried to swipe some of his human brother's snack.

After trying for a few seconds, a woman's voice, probably Lara's, could be heard on the background calling off Charlie. But instead of Luke to be upset, the 11-month-old had the sweetest grin on his handsome face. Clearly, he did not mind sharing one bit. 

Check out the charming video below. 

Grandkids in the White House

Since Donald Trump Sr. became president, there have been many visits from his grandkids in the Oval Office. In fact, some of them have even performed for the benefit of Trump's political guests. 

A couple of months after Trump became president, daughter Ivanka Trump shared this video of her son Theodore crawling on the White House carpet.

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Then in April, Ivanka's daughter, Arabella Kushner, got to sing for President Xi Jinping of China.

Trump's and his kids do not mind sharing these special moments on social media so we imagine we will be seeing many more of them as time goes on.

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