After This Mom's 3-Year-Old Tragically Drowned, She Made It Her Mission To Save Others From Similar Fate

Date July 24, 2018

Tragedies happen sometimes, and instead of blaming everyone and everything it's better to take a step back and think about what we could've done to prevent it. One mom's devastating loss of her child turned into a lesson, which can potentially save many lives.

Levi's story

Levi Hughes was only 3 years old when he tragically drowned. His family was on an annual beach trip with their friends. Of course, they were aware of the need to watch over the children constantly due to the vast amount of water all around.

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Nicole and Jonathan Hughes always took preventative measures to keep their kids safe. Levi always wore a life jacket and his parents made sure that there were fences and doors guarding the pool at the house they were staying at.

Unfortunately, when the adults were busy cleaning up after dinner one night, tragedy struck. According to Levi's obituary on Levi's Legacy website:

Somehow, he slipped out the door, went down the stairs, and got into the pool. Mere minutes passed before his mom found him in the pool. Drowning happens in seconds.

The 3-year-old was airlifted to the hospital, but it was too late.

Learning a lesson

Nicole was absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. But several hours after receiving the earth-shattering news, the mom realized she could help other families avoid ending up in a similar situation.

After looking over child drowning statistics, Nicole Hughes realized that, had she known about the dangers before, her son would have still been with her. The most shocking detail to her was that almost 70% of drownings happen in a non-designated swimming time.

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Hughes told Tennessean that all websites on water safety emphasized the importance of supervision: 

The research consistently proves there is no alternative to supervision when it comes to water safety. Levi got out of a heavy door and the pool had a fence. And, both of his parents — and several other adults — were in the room when he slipped away for a  moment.

Nicole says there should always be at least one adult watching over kids when there are water sources around. This is why she came up with the "Water Guardian” tag. It looks like a credit card and goes around the neck of the designated supervisor. Whoever has the tag has only one responsibility: To keep an eye on the children.

The tag was even endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association as something that can save lives. According to Nicole:

I can't sit here for the rest of summer and read news story after news story about other children drowning. I can't bring Levi back, but I can sure as hell try to save someone else's baby.

We hope Nicole's initiative can save many lives and make us all more aware when it comes to kids and water safety. 

Source: Levi's Legacy, Tennessean, Stop Drowning Now

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