Baby Girls Took Internet By Storm As They Are Fraternal Twins With Different Skin Tones

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August 10, 2018 15:23 By Mambee

These twin sisters took the Internet by storm when their pictures appeared on social media for the first time.

However, for some people, it is hard to believe they are actually fraternal twins. Both girls are African-American, but their skin tones are very different.

Isabella and Gabriella Shipley amazed everyone from the start. Gabriella was born with a much darker skin tone, and this is what people often ask about, according to the girls’ mother Clementine Shipley.

From time to time we've run into negative comments about Gabriella's color, if she's loved and if she considered beautiful because of her darker complexion.

Both girls are the jewels in the family! They get more followers as they grow up, attracting attention because of their striking color difference.

Clementine Shipley reveals that, even though they have faced ill-wishers and negative comments, they receive twice as much love and positive energy from others.

How is it possible for fraternal twins to have different skin tones?

Contrary to identical twins, who develop from the same egg and sperm, fraternal twins develop from two sets of different eggs and sperm, and they can be either the same gender or not.


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They grow on separate placentas and share only 50 percent of their DNA, just like any other siblings.

The babies inherit a different combination of genes from each parent, which is explanation for the contrasting skin color between the girls. This phenomenon is still rare and occurs among multi-racial couples.

This rarity makes Isabella and Gabriella Shipley truly unique and special.

The girls have lovely relationships, as it’s evident from the Instagram pictures. They have an older sister, Angeline, and anyone who grows fond of this beautiful family can follow their lives through the lenses of their mom’s camera!

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