Couple Adopts 6 Blind Children With Special Needs: "We've Chosen Our Family This Way"

Date August 3, 2018 15:57

Most couples retire from parenting when their kids leave home and they are left with time all to themselves, but not the Bartlings. 60-year-old Joe and his wife Karen decided to adopt children with disabilities, and that means they needed to provide them care 24/7.

When the couple first thought about adoption, they came across the file of a blind girl from South Korea, abandoned by her mother at the age of 2. Due to a developmental disorder, the girl was born without eyes. This condition didn’t scare the Bartlings off, so they took Hannah into the family.

That is how it started. After 2 years, Abi joined the family – the girl had been found in a trash can in the Indian Park. The girl had Fraser syndrome, which caused malformed eyes and blindness, among other developmental issues.

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That  same year, they welcomed David, from China, who had microphthalmia, a rare condition that causes abnormally small and malformed eyes. Pretty soon afterwards, the couple got Obed, a baby with cerebral palsy and severe intellectual disability, and another blind girl, Bethany.

Even though life with 5 blind kids with special needs can be challenging and tough, the family thrives as they developed a special bond that keeps them happy together.

In their Interview to SBSK, the kids revealed how lucky they are to grow up beside each other and help each other out. “We are just a normal family”, David said, and Hannah added: “We are a fantastic family who love each other very much!”

The parents love the way their family is, and despite the inevitable hardship every now and then, they feel that having a house full of kids’ laughter is the best reward they can get.

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