Grand Hair Donation To Kids In Need From Six Boys And Their Mother

Date August 3, 2018

Some kids experience hair loss because of health issues which often involve cancer. There is also an organization which supports those kids by providing hair replacement. The universal kindness and heartiness don’t end here. A mother and her six boys have grown and given away 17 feet of their own hair. 

An older son, twins, and triplets are no older than ten. The youngest three are only five years old. Phoebe Kannisto, who inspired her children with this idea, also have a 2-year-old baby girl. 

The mother of the six boys has revealed the reason for this noble action. Her close friend has lost a twin son to cancer. Since then, her boys give away their hair to support those in need.

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After this, the routine of six sons has changed drastically. They immensely expressed a desire to help and started to grow their hair. By a twist of fate, the younger a boy was, the longer hair he had. The triplets happen to have grown their hair for almost five years while the oldest son, Andre, was still in the first year. 

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The boys have become positive examples of heartiness and sympathy for their baby sister. The family is already planning the next donation, this time with the youngest daughter joining in. On social network, Phoebe expresses special gratitude to the Hizair Hair Salon. They never charge the family for hours of work on their haircuts. 

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She also confessed that her sons have gone through difficult times because of their long hair, but it never made them give up. Phoebe Kannisto is proud of her big family. The children helped by the Hair Loss organization were certainly pleased and grateful for their fine gesture.