Father Spends Christmas In The Air With His Flight Attendant Daughter Who Had To Work During The Holidays Because He Believes Christmas Is For Family

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January 8, 2019 11:07 By Mambee

Christmas is a time for reconnecting with family. Usually, people travel to and from whatever part of the world in order to be with family, but what if one person can’t make it?

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Why it’s important to be with family during Christmas

Christmas is usually best for playing catch up. It is that time when you have the entire gang together to know who just got married, who is pregnant, who is buying a new house, etc.

It is also a season to make new memories together. In addition, making it back home for Christmas tells your loved ones that you genuinely appreciate them.

Lastly, the holidays are a time when practically everyone is happy, so what better time is there to be with one another and enjoy the gift of life while exchanging presents? This father understood all this and went out of his way to be with his daughter on Christmas.

The father who spent Christmas in the skies with his daughter

Pierce Vaughan, being an air hostess with Delta airlines, was due to fly on Christmas Eve and Christmas day on a hectic schedule that would require shuttling from New Orleans through Fort Meyers, Detroit and, finally, Hartford.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to spend time with his daughter, Hal Vaughan decided to go with his daughter wherever she went. 

“I’d just never been without my parents on Christmas, so my mom took one for the team and stayed home with all of the pets so he could take his first trip since the accident with me," Pierce explained.

It was Hal’s first time on any of his daughter’s flights because he broke his neck shortly after she had got the job. Depiste there not being any hope for him to walk again, he was back on his feet and didn’t want to waste one Christmas away from his daughter.

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The wonderful father-daughter trip came to the limelight when a fellow passenger, Mike Levy, who sat next to Hal on one of the flights, learned of the story and posted it on Facebook.

Pierce, the happy daughter, on seeing how much buzz their story had generated, wrote a Facebook post to thank everyone who made it happen.

Pierce noted that, luckily, there was an extra seat on every flight and one was even first class, making it possible for her dad to be with her all the way.

We all love this!

This is a sweet story, and we are not the only ones who think so. Many Facebook users could not keep quiet about how lovely her dad’s gesture was.

The holidays are all about love and family; we should never forget that. Do all you can to ensure your loved ones know you appreciate them.

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