New Viral Online Challenge That Requires Parents Drawing Eyebrows On Their Children Can Pose Serious Harm To Their Health

Date May 17, 2019

There has been an evolution of online challenges that involve parents and their kids trying out silly but sometimes dangerous things.

Some time ago, there was this trend called the ‘Cheese Challenge’ where parents were required to fling slices of cheese at a toddler’s face and film the reaction for the internet’s amusement.

While many thought it was a harmless fun activity, others believed it was dangerous, as the flying cheese could end up hurting the child.

With the gaining popularity of these ‘challenges’, the question on people’s lips is: Are they totally harmless?

Baby eyebrows

Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for a new challenge that involves parents drawing funny eyebrows on their babies.

On Instagram, several posts have shown playful parents etching brows on their babies with markers, pen, or actual eye pencils. Some even go as far as adding matching mustaches. Check out some of the hilarious posts below:


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The adverse effects of this new challenge

While the baby- eyebrows trend might seem harmless and fun, experts say otherwise. According to NST, health expert Dr. Mohd Hasni Ja’afar has warned parents about putting makeup on kids.


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He explained that children have a higher rate of absorption, meaning their skin can absorb almost 100 percent of any chemical applied to their body.

Unfortunately, their bodies cannot accurately differentiate between good and harmful chemicals. Also, he revealed that babies are susceptible to the toxic metals found in makeup products, especially mercury.


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Talking about lipsticks, in particular, he said:

“Your children may look adorable and beautiful with lipstick on, but the lips are considered mucous membranes and will absorb whatever chemicals put on it at an accelerated rate.”

With mercury having an 80% absorption rate, it would be deposited in the kids' brain, bones, and kidney.

Dr. Ja’afar explained that high levels of mercury in the brain could cause Minamata, a neurological syndrome that can disrupt cognitive abilities and motor sensors.


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It’s advised that parents make the health of their kids a priority. It is better to stay away from online challenges rather than put them at risk.

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