Girl shows horrible food in school cafeteria via Instagram


High School Student Exposes The Horrendous Condition Of Cafeteria, Showing Rotten Food In Schools

Date June 24, 2019 15:49

school cafeteria has never been the fanciest of restaurants, but a recent revelation from a student via an Instagram account dedicated to chronicle the meals served by school cafeterias have us churning.


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Amber Christensen is the creator of the Instagram account @ikeprisonfood, which is aimed at drawing the attention of the public to the nasty meals served in schools.

Amber is a junior at Eisenhower High School, and she got the inspiration for the account when she was served Salisbury steak at her school, and later fell sick.


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While speaking to CBS, Amber’s mum, Mandy Silva, revealed that her daughter was ‘violently sick’ as a result of the meal. Silva and Amber reported to the school management, but they said they couldn’t do anything about it as the school lunch program follows a strict guideline.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Amber decided that she had to do something to make it stop. She opened @ikeprisonfood.


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The page sees entries of several disgusting meals, from rotten fruits to bugs in sandwiches. It was created as a means for her to vent her anger, but it soon gained recognition, especially from the school administration.


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District 218 superintendent Ty Harding became aware of the social media account and mentioned in a statement that the cafeteria team, school management, and students had a meeting to discuss the issue.

Amber explains that things are already improving, but that she won’t stop posting until she is confident that the improvements are here to stay.


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What a way to effect positive change in her own little way! A big thumbs up to Amber on her innovative idea!

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