Single Father Forced To Learn How To Braid His Daugther’s Hair Now Has A Business Where He Teaches Others To Do The Same

Date March 29, 2019

Being a single father to a little girl can bring about a few realizations concerning things you are incapable of. Usually, when your female partner was around, you didn’t have to get yourself involved in some very girly habits, like hair-braiding or makeup.

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This was Phillippe Morgese’s case when he became a single dad. He had to find a way to make his one-year-old daughter’s hair.

First, he began with basic hairclips and pigtails, but it has since evolved to elaborate hairstyles, like the French braid.

Phillippe and his daughter, Emma, now have a bonding activity thanks to his new found skills. Pleased by his growth, Phillippe decided to reach out to other fathers who might be facing the same struggle.

I created a Dads and Daughters hair class to help other fathers learn about doing hair. We had a small class full of dads that learned basic brushing, ponytails, braids and buns. The turnout was great! I'm so proud of these dads for stepping up and building a better bond with their daughters. from r/pics

After getting a free space at the International Academy, Phillippe set up a free class for other fathers and taught them how to braid their daughter’s hair.

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The class aimed at showing them basic hair-styling skills, such as brushing, doing ponytails, braids, and buns. He named it Daddy Daughter Hair Factory!

Phillippe has a Facebook account where he showcases the different hairstyles he does on Emma’s hair.

We are glad that Phillippe was able to pick himself up and learn how to do something important for a little girl. Hopefully, his story may inspire other single dads that nothing is too hard for them to figure out.

Here are more ideas of braiding the girl’s hair. Enjoy!

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