Story Behind Viral Photo Of Young Boy Hugging The Grave Of Army Veteran Touches Many Hearts

Date June 14, 2019

One doesn't have to live many years before they appreciate life and the people that made it all worthwhile. And little Matthew's story is proof of that.

When Matthew Ouimet was just months old, he got really sick, and doctors discovered that a rare disease was affecting his livers and kidneys. His parents had to subject him to weekly dialysis, but it didn't make much difference as what he needed was a transplant.

They had found three different donors at several times, but they all fell through until a miracle came in the form of a 22-year-old Army Veteran who lost his life in a car crash.

Brandon Burnett's parents decided to donate his organs to people that needed them, and little Matthew was one of the recipients.

The boy is now 8 years old, but he doesn't seem to have forgotten late Brandon's good deeds. In a viral photo on Facebook, Matthew was seen hugging Brandon's gravestone.

He held on to the headstone like he was telling Brandon how grateful he was for the kidney. As revealed in the caption of the post, boy's parents are now good friends with Brandon's family.

Brandon's mum, Maggie Kolb, explained to ABC 7 that, although she misses her son every day, she's happy he got to save Matthew's life. She's glad that a part of her son lives on inside him.

She said:

"It does my heart so much good to see that, and I love to see him running around."

It is heartwarming that Matthew understands appreciation at such a young age. Brandon would be so proud of the choice his parents made and the lives he could save!

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